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PE Curriculum Map

Minimum Entitlement – Physical Education


Our vision at Reffley Academy is to ensure all children develop positive attitudes towards Physical Education and Sport. Through high quality teaching we aim to:

* Improve fitness, health and well-being

* Increase opportunities to participate in a wide range of physical activity

* Promote active participation and teamwork skills

* Provide children with the skills to be resilient

* Inspire children to excel in competitive sport

* Give children the skills and opportunity to lead healthy, active lives


* All children in years 1- 6 will undertake 2 hours of curriculum time P.E each week – this includes one hour with a qualified sports coach and 1 hour with the class teacher.

* Children in KS1 will participate in a variety of activities centred around the fundamental movement skills with an aim to improving their agility, balance and co-ordination. They will also participate in team games to develop tactics for attacking and defending.

* Children in KS2 will be exposed to a wide variety of sports including: football, dodgeball, tennis, cricket, rounders, tag rugby, netball and basketball. During these lessons we will focus on working collaboratively and communicating with others to develop ways to solve problems in challenging situations. They will also take part in dance and gymnastics lessons to develop flexibility, strength, technique and control.

* All children in KS2 will have the opportunity to participate in inter-school competitions held at the end of every half term as well as a cross country championship each year.

* Selected children from KS2 will be selected to represent the school teams for the following sports: tag rugby, girls football, boys football, netball and cross country. Successes will be celebrated during whole school events.

* During year 4 and 5 children will attend weekly swimming lessons with an aim to develop them competently and proficiently as swimmers over a minimum distance of 25m.

* During P.E lessons children should be encouraged to: develop and test their problem solving skills, take risks and be courageous, competitive and resilient.

* After school clubs will be open for all children in years 1-6 in football, dodgeball and multi-sports.


* Children are motivated and enthusiastic towards taking part in physical activity including before school, break times, after school.

* Children are inspired to represent the school teams and participate in competitive sport.

* We will be successful in cluster and wider competitions in a range of different sports.

* Children will develop skills for life including: resilience, competitiveness, teamwork, courage, perseverance and problem solving.