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Geography Entitlement at Reffley Academy


Children at Reffley should be engaged and motivated by geography; encouraged to see the world through the eyes of young geographers. The geography curriculum should enable pupils to understand the interaction of human beings with their environments – at personal, local, regional, national and global scales.


Our pupils are entitled to develop lasting life skills through engaging with enquiry based learning, developing from more tightly defined questions to a more open based approach as they progress through the key stages. Geography lessons should involve a series of ancillary questions that support the children to answer the key question of a particular investigation. This is broken down into six investigations per sub key stage (KS1, LKS2 and UKS2) based on the Connected Geography scheme (Variations applicable to topics studied to adopt the intended outcomes of Connected Geography).

Essentially, it should be visible that the children are developing an enquiring attitude to the world around them and how people relate to it. Children can learn through applying skills taught, peer to peer learning and adult support and demonstrate progress against each outcome from what they might write, make, present, enact or discuss. Lessons may involve fieldwork, mapping, researching the internet, creating projects and many other forms of appropriate investigation, research and recording. The progress can be tracked and assessed using the assessment table provided by the scheme. Teachers can judge if the pupil has been able to, for example, identify; describe; compare and contrast; explain; make a judgement or evaluate and record.


Age appropriate pupil questionnaires could be used to judge whether the children are receiving the intended outcomes of the curriculum, and indeed how they feel about geography. Teachers should be consulted by either a termly or annual review to identify the effectiveness of the scheme and the way it fits into the topic based themes selected by the school.