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Assessment, Record Keeping and Reporting


Assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning process.  Assessments are made by teachers throughout the school year to identify next steps in pupil learning.  These are undertaken in a variety of forms, including regular pupil progress meetings, observations, teacher marking/pupil response, teacher-pupil discussion, self/peer marking, simulations and practical/oral/written/memory tasks. 


Statutory Assessments:

  • Year 1 - In Year one children complete the phonics screening check. This is undertaken in June and involves the children reading (decoding) forty words. 
  • Year 2 - Year two children complete SATs (Standardised Assessment Tasks) in Reading, Writing and Maths. 
  • Year 6 - In Year six further SATs are taken before the children leave primary school. 


Teacher Consultations:

Ongoing discussions with parents take place, however parents will be invited in formally once a term to talk with the class teacher. 

Autumn term

We will discuss the settling in process and general progress of pupils.

Spring term  

There will be a consultation meeting for all parents/carers.

Summer term

After a written report has been sent to parents, they will be invited in to discuss this.