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Each child from Year 3 to Year 6 must have a sketch book. This sketch book will stay with the child until Year 6 and must not be sent home before the child leaves the school. If a sketch book is full, an additional sketchbook should be used and attached to the existing sketchbook. Year 1 and 2 may use a sketchbook if they wish but it is not a requirement. Using a sketchbook at KS2 helps pupils achieve all the national curriculum objectives. It is the key to each child developing as an artist and designer.

A sketchbook should be used to:

  • Develop techniques through practice and experimentation
  • Develop creatively by making connections, exploring ideas and learning from experience
  • Gain an awareness of different processes through trying them out and through failure as much as success
  • Record, review and revisit observations and ideas
  • Improve and master techniques
  • Practice drawing to gain confidence and improve control in mark-making
  • Investigate, research and record findings about “great” artists and designers - allowing for both inspiration and critical thinking. Includes copying work in galleries and museums
  • Collect and keep found images and ephemera for future reference
  • Develop concentration skills.  Drawing forces us to pay attention and to take full notice of what we are doing


The following documents for the relevant year group should be available in planning folders:

  • Minimum Standards for Art and Design (this document).
  • Art Curriculum Coverage.
  • Art Progression Skills.

These documents should be referred to when planning units of work to ensure that full coverage of the art curriculum is happening and the relevant skills are taught to show progression. These documents can be found in the Art and Design subject folder on the server. 


Teacher assessment for Art and Design should take place and be recorded at the time when those subjects are a focus on the curriculum map. The Art Progression Skills document should be used to inform teacher assessment. Assessments should be recorded on the Science and Foundation Subject Teacher Assessment form.


Each child should have at least one piece of artwork each half term that has been planned, produced and evaluated by the child, to ensure that they are developing as an artist and designer.  For example, a child should have opportunities to plan their artwork (through sketches and designs), annotate their ideas and produce a final piece. Once finished, children should evaluate their work through self/peer assessment – this can be as simple as a Post-It note.

Class books for Art and Design Technology can be used to record any other artwork (e.g. one-off art pieces linked to other subjects or photos of sculptures, textiles, prints etc.).