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Academy Improvement 2019-20

Reffley Academy Development Plan 2019-20 


As part of our commitment to ensure that we deliver a high quality education and experiences for our pupils, leaders are constantly reviewing what is good about the academy and what needs to improve.


To capture the things that need to be done, we have an improvement and development plan. The plan is made up of targets and actions and is used as a tool to help leaders to maintain high standards, a good quality curriculum and effective policies and procedures.


The key aims of the School Development Plan 2019 – 2020 are:

Quality of Education:

  1. To provide a programme of support and training for give all teachers the skills they need to teach the revised curriculum.
  2. So that all children know and remember more, we will review how we teach, record and assess each subject.
  3. To review the books that children chose for their reading practice and to make sure that they are right for them.
  4. To ensure that the resources we are using with the pupils are current and enhance learning.


Behaviour and Attitudes:

  1. To improve the punctuality and attendance of all pupils.
  2. To develop how we use nurture provision to support pupils who struggle with their emotions.


Personal Development

  1. To deliver effective relationships and sex education teaching.
  2. To enable pupils to be able to explicitly talk about British Values. 


Leadership and Management

  1. For experienced leaders and teachers to establish a programme of support and training for all teachers to ensure that the curriculum is delivered well.
  2. Subject Leaders to review each subject to ensure that we are delivering a curriculum that is rooted in the National Curriculum and matches the needs of our children.
  3. To recruit new members and improve the effectiveness of the Local Governing Body.


Effectiveness of the Early Years

  1. To review the way that phonics is taught in the Early Years (Nursery and Reception) and how this is further developed in Years 1 and 2.
  2. To develop staff knowledge of the sequence of learning in each subject from Nursery to Year 6.
  3. To establish a programme of mentoring for all support staff in how to get the most out of learning in the Early Years.


Leaders in our academy use the targets and actions set out in our improvement and development plan as a focus for what activities take place at the academy. The plan is reviewed half termly (and sooner when needed).